Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hoodia Gordonii and the Real Focus

There's so much hype about hoodia that we tend to get caught up in all the arguments and stop focusing on pure hoodia and its benefits. Hoodia is a kind of a succulent plant that is found in the deserts lands of South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Angola. Of course, some people might question the whole issue about benefits but the fact is, for centuries the hoodia plant or part of it has been used by the bushmen of Africa to suppress their appetite and thirst when they went off hunting to the desert. That is primarily the benefit that hoodia gordonii promises and it is this premise that one has to focus on.

There are many different species of hoodia but it is Only hoodia gordonii that has so far exhibited any appetite or thirst suppressant qualities. So while we focus on the benefits, one must not ignore the fact that a lot of people could be hoodwinked with hoodia that belongs to the same species but is different. So different that it does not possess the benefit of an appetite suppressant. This is why the first step is to be sure that what you are buying is hoodia gordonii and no other Hoodia.

Then, one needs to be practical. To expect to lose weight overnight is ridiculous. While pure hoodia gordonii might be able to suppress your appetite, it might not be able to stop habitual eating which is when you are eating without feeling hungry. It might not be effective against cravings or against binging. So when you get onto a Hoodia program, make sure that you are patient and give it time. Remember that any weight lost too fast will come back again very soon with interest.

The next thing to focus on is a total weight loss program. Hoodia must be just a part of a regimen of exercise efforts. There must be good eating habits, a nutritious but light diet, plenty of water, regular exercise and of course hoodia gordonii. Put all these together and you will see that it works. However, if one were to just swallow a few capsules of Hoodia Gordonii, sit back and not do anything else, the weight loss will take much longer.

How do you make sure that what you buy is the real hoodia gordonii? You have to be smart enough to make inquiries, to look at labels, make sure that the product has been tested and that it comes from a reputed company. Look at the discussions on the Internet so you are aware if any hoodia product is a fake. Through all this, make sure you focus on what is Hoodia Gordonii's real benefit - the fact that it does not make you feel your hunger pangs. There's a flip side to this - you might get weak with not eating or drinking anything. Which is why is essential to have a routine through your day so you do eat enough to make sure you don't get too weak. If you focus on hoodia gordonii and what it can do for you, you will step out a much slimmer you, very soon indeed.

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